Hard reject of the track. Feedback please

Hi Audiojungle friends,

After 3 hard rejects on the track, please give ideas what went wrong in the process. I tried to re-record, remix, remaster as you can imagine.

I am out of the ideas what can be done, and perhaps your fresh listening can give an impulse to move forward:) Thanks in advance!


The modulation at 0:40 is unexpected and there’s something wrong with it, try to look into it. The modulation is at 0:18 as well, but this is done much better, it sound more natural.

I would also add that accordion on left side is a bit annoying, guitars on right is just fine. Will agree with @OvertSounds. Also that track is awesome btw, but i can hardly imagine it will go through into AJ. It’s just too unique i’d say. Pretty sure if it fails again, you will find more luck on other stocks that like specific sound :smiley:


Thank you OvertSounds and FireLast for your input. I will take a look at your details and see if this makes a better track!

With best wishes!

My humble opinion, the instruments are exaggeratedly panned and the change at 0:40 is strange…

Thank you DastAudio!

Thank you for all the feedback. It helps to identify what seems to be wrong in the track and find for the best solution. Much appreciated!

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