Hard reject of landing page template

So I recently submitted the following template to Themeforest. Sadly today I got a hard reject. As I’m eager to learn from my mistake I would like some feedback.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • Increase visual hierarchy in this section and differentiate between main heading and subtext
    (same goes for features, our team, testimonials, 404 page…)

  • the purchase button is barely visible as a button, make it look like a real button
    (same goes for contact buttons and inputs)


  • don’t let this section empty add one more item or make them full width.

  • there is no sense of consistency in this section and it looks abrupt, Plus too much going on for me to focus on one thing


  • again make them all full width, they’re too small (try to center the text)


  • the footer is too basic and looks chaotic and the map and the social media icons just look out of place.


  • the template looks a little bit static try to add hover effect (don’t overdo them) and other effects

  • the screenshots section where you put the layout pictures is useless for an app landing page, instead, replace that section with something related to app landing pages like pricing tables

good luck

Thanks a lot :smiley:

I’ve already implemented a lot of your suggestions. I have one question though.
What do you mean by this?

looks a little bit static try to add hover effect

Are you talking about reveal effects or missing hover effects on buttons?

I meant the website look little stiff, needs slightly more animation (not too much)
+try to make the transition smooth between sections when clicked on one of the navbar links.
+add some minor animation to contact inputs when clicked on.
+overlay effect on our team cards when hovered over.
+use plugin like nice scroll.

This is just a suggestion you don’t need to do them, it just makes your website more fun to surf