Hard reject of good script

Recently got a hard reject for a php script…sad to say something is not right here at envato…I see alot of authors have scripts here and in the description of the product it is many words spelled wrong. Alot of Authors have exclusive badges here but i find their product every where else for sale not exclusivily offered here at envato. I reported some to support but nothing had been done about it the authors still have the exclusive badge and the authors items are still for sale everywhere else other than envato. Envato doing Hard Rejects with no explanation what so ever as to why is really not right. I also see in Reasons for hard reject can be for code with no definitions written in code but I have purchased many scripts here with very badly written code with absolutely no definition written in code…I see in line written code that is about impossible to modify the code. Alot of scripts that should have never passed but they are here for sale. I also see one Author listed the very same script written in the very same same in line code here under a different company name and passed…and is for sale…Iam sorry to say I have lost all confidence in this envato as a fair market place for Authors to sale their scripts.

Contact Envato support and report the items

It’s about uploading time. 4 years ago and now is totally different considering on code quality.

I do not understand anything at php… but if I were a reviewer - just for the nickname bmw2016 - I would take any item! :slightly_smiling_face:

bmw is actually my initials…First name…Middle name…and Last name… 2016 is the year I joined Envato.

Thanks for the input ki-themes, I dont really thinks its about the code quality, because i have purchased items here and the code is written very badly…items that should of never passed review process…

You can report these items and Envato team could check it one more time