Hard reject number 2 - not sure what I am doing wrong?

Hey there everyone. Newbie here. I uploaded a track I considered polished. It got rejected as it was not up to commercial standard according to the reviewer. I want see if I can learn from the community about why it is not on commercial standard. Is it the textures, instruments, mixing, arrangement, melodies? Any feedback will be amazing. Thank you!

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No recommendations by anyone?

Hi Wuk,

I think the main issue for AJ is that it sounds a bit dated instrumentwise.
And from a mixpoint view you could maybe be a little bit tighter when it comes to instrument seperation thru Panning and EQing. That’s my 2 cents, but i’m also only part of this website for 2 months, so I’m also trying to figure stuff out haha :wink:

my 80s track was rejected also. :wink:

Good luck man!

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Mixing and mastering could be punchier and more charismatic, but I see nothing wrong with it as an 80s retro theme track. I’ve had a few tracks rejected on basis of style only. Maybe that was it.

Thank you guys, appreciate the feedback. Need to just get back at it and try again :slight_smile: