Hard reject, Never have it before - help me to understand my mistake!

So people, i need your help. Hard reject - why?

My track you can hear there:


IMO, not a bad track at all, dmusic. The only thing that jumps out at me is the repetitiveness of the arrangement and the AJ watermark at the very start that has an effect on it…not sure how picky they are about that, but its not supposed to be altered.

Keep at it and good luck!

I think, that it can’t be rejected hard by reason of watemark at the beginning. Maby they don’t like mastering, but I dont know what’s wrong with that… Anyway thank you for trying to help me, and your answer

You’re right, a watermark issue would probably lead to a soft reject. Sorry, hope the next track gets approved!

What sounds odd to me is that it seems as if every instrument ,save for bass, is too much Hi Passed, so in the end it sounds like bass is doing its job and other instruments come from another story so to speak. Otherwise its a nice tune,not even too similar to the trendy ones.

Thank you all!) I just cut the verses, because verses and intro sounds like another track, and it was not valuably for commercial using. And reviewer accept and add this cut version )))