Hard reject, need some advice, please!


Hi, guys! Really need your help or even good advice what’s wrong with my tracks! Herebelow is one of six rejected tracks. Would appreciate any opinion! Thanx in advance!
Russian Upbeat


I like what you have going for you here. Just a few thoughts:

  1. The melody is a little repetitive and basic. It gets tiring after awhile.
  2. The horns sound fake. I would replace them with woodwind, strings, or a light synth.
  3. Because the song is so repetitive, it could stand to be shortened. 3:00 or less would probably be fine.
  4. I like what you are doing with the percussion section.
  5. The sound you used for the melody is a little hard to handle after awhile. I would use a different synth with less ‘punch’ to it.

Just my opinions. Take them or leave them. :blush: