Hard reject, Need help. What you think.

For this track. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

hey, great composition!
I do not have a lot of input though. I will just share the things I noticed. (I’m sure other better authors can say more) but here goes:

  • I think the mix lacks depth, like more low strings. I hear there’s already low instruments but not sure if that’s enough.
  • I think some of the background elements (Glockenspiel for example) are occupying a lot of space in the foreground. I would mix them and remove a bit of the frequencies to fit more in the mix.
  • The lead strings sound a bit too computerized, I would work on it a bit more, in terms of EQ and realism.
  • The transition could use some better fx, the cymbals sound a bit too harsh and not exactly on time. (In my opinion)
  • I would think of ways to make the outro more interesting,
  • on 2nd thoughts, maybe a pizzicato strings section can help levering this composition.

I am not sure if that’s very helpful but I am following this thread for better and more professional input.

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Thank you.
I’ll try to do my best.

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