Hard reject. Need help! SOS))

Hi all. My first track on AJ and first hard reject )) give me advice for my track


I sounds ok to me. On Apple EarPods traveling by train. Good vibe.
No idea if it sounds good on monitor speakers or other stuff too. You should check that if you haven’t done that already.

The only two things I didn’t like were:

  • the ending (drop and coming back with an EQ on it?)
  • you have some rattling drum in on the background

I think your rhythm section has some problem about timing.
The bass is too loud. your main riff is nice.
You should cut off the ending fade out part.

thanks for the advice! Sorry for my scary english) Yes. Checked this on monitors, to loudy bass whith wide stereo.

Thank you! Yes end part sounds poorly

I think the sound is good. Maybe he is not a commercial for Audiojungle.

I think it’s fine. Problem is, this vibe and sound is from the 70’s & 80’s, and most of the reviewers were probably born in the mid 90’s and never heard of Magnum PI. Heck they would probably hard reject that original theme song as well.

Yes i love music from 70-s, 80-s. And thats my problem )) Many of my tracks sounds like 70-s 80-s music, and frequently rejects.