Hard reject(. Need Help!! I am first time here, what I doing bad?

Hi! I catched a hard reject today. I think that my work is well:) (I had hard work with it). Big ZIP file, many files added, psd with 129 layers, very big PNGs and JPEG. Why hard? Is my picture so bad? Need your opinion!


Yes, cute designs, but sometimes it all comes down to Envato not wanting this sort of product at this time?

I know, hard pill to swallow, but no rejected project is ever wasted long term! Meaning that there are always future options for sales?


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I liked these but like @tmcom says, might just be in an area that’s over populated.

No project is wasted, perhaps use this as a platform to create a new more intricate item?

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Thank you for your opinion! I’m upset because this image painted specifically for GR about three days of work from morning till evening . On any stock not necessary PSD or PNG files. GR has really hard rules for uploading))) Try to draw on another theme. Thank you!

Yes, may be you are right. I’m not sure that I have enough talent to change this work. When I do not know what to change , it is very difficult :slight_smile: I hope to understand what GC need, for spend no any more time to waste.

Don’t get too unset about how long it took, @Rivusdea, in the end, no product is wasted.

I did a iphone mockup pack, took me 6 weeks, and it was canned. Very hard to take, (my Laptop almost skimmed the lake) but looking back now, l wouldn’t have accepted it either, so, the mods did their job!

They also gave me a warm welcome when l finally got one in, (l think that l hit my head against a wall for a good 3 or more months) so they know how hard it is, but they have their standards, so…

But l know, where is the not wasted part? l got a lot of canned flyers here, that are now on other sites, and doing quite nicely. So, stay with GR, give it your best and store them, (the rejects) somewhere safe, at least until you find another site to put them on.


hi, did u check that u closed all paths? if this is ok this side, maybe this is a matter of style of illustration i presume

Hi! Yes, I always check path for stock pictures. May be it is about style(. Try to understand which style they really need…Thanks!

Thank you! Your story is very motivating , it was very interesting to read ! Indeed, any experience is useful . And hard work is usually rewarded . I send this work to Shutterstock and it founded it buyers:)
I wish you success in the work !

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that’s sometimes hard to figure out indeed, what i advice u to do is to do what a lot of guys fail to do, but which is essential, that is to say trying to get to see what’s newly approved. Anylizing all this may help you to find a style or some common features that are kind of required indeed

Shane / @tmcom has always been a true help for the community, for all guys who have problems about rejections. He’s also a guy who knows how to motivate other authors and how to tell them to keep on fighting and uses very profitably his experience for this , and this very friendly guy should be given a community superstar thing if u ask me

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Thanks Nico, @n2n44, appreciate it!

And you too @Rivusdea!


u are welcome, u deserve it :wink:

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