Hard Reject - Need Help - Hotel Front Desk Management - Laravel

Our project has received a Hard Reject. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any reason why it was rejected. Submitted hotel management system is build upon real life experience. System would help a small hotel to function much smoothly. Technology used in this project is PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery and VueJS. MySQL is used as database.

**Demo Link : **
URL : Hotel Front Desk Management Demo Link
Phone : 01811111111
Password: password

Could anyone please point to us what is wrong with our project?

It was our first submission and had put a lot of work to built this project. It is really frustrating as no reason was given.

Really in need of your valuable feedback for further improvement.
Best Regards

It looks like it hasn’t been completed yet as a design/feature aspect. With this state, it still looks unfinished

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Thank you for your response and time. Could you please suggest what might make the software complete in design or feature? It would be really helpful for us. Also we are open to any suggestion to make this application more useful.
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