hard reject, need feedback

Who has any ideas why?
There are two versions in preview,
First - short 1 min
second - full version (from 1:17)

My guess this rejection is based on several arguments. Mostly sample quality and playing off key.

  1. claps (?) starting on 15 seconds sound really awful
  2. the strings (?) starting on 23 seconds are off key several times (for example on 25 and 33 seconds)

But the idea behind this track is good and commercially driven. So I would invest a little bit more time in it and I guess it’ll have a go.

I will agree with @IDLaunchMusic about your strings, they are real disaster. Claps seems to be fine for me heh. And yes, melody and idea is nice. I’d change bridge melody a bit, it’s just too simple. And overall mix need just a bit of more sound, like small percussion for example. Anyway nice work, good luck next time! :wink: