Hard reject - need feedback

This is my second hard reject in 10 postings. This one I thought was one of my best postings, but instead I got:
"This submission does not meet our commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately."
The samples are good enough (EWHO platinum), I haven’t recorded anything (everything is VST), so it must be the mixing/mastering that isn’t up to the standard.

Things I tried to develop (and therefor have changed) from my earlier approvals were:

  • Reverb (Instead of having the same reverb to the whole orchestra, I splitted the strings from the rest of the orchestra with an own reverb bus of the same reverb but higher prereverb setting. The goal was to get more depth of the orchestra, and I think I did ok).
  • Epic drums (I implemented more epic drums to get a bigger cinematic feeling. Maybe the reverb here is too muddy and the drum parts ruin the rest of the soundscape).
  • EQ (edited different sections different, so it would sound clearer altogether).

It is easy to get blind after working with the same project a couple of days, so I need your feedback here. What do you think needs to get this approved?


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I think it’s just not a commercial sound and most likely a cinematic !!!

Maybe your brass too loud.

Hello Friend! I listened to your song, it’s very good. But there are some drawbacks. I hope that will not offend you!:relieved:(I apologize in advance for my English.):cold_sweat:

The disadvantage number 1:
As I noted in your track a lot of sharp sounds (not pleasant to the ear). This can be corrected with either transient shaper or compressor (possibly multiband) or EQ is necessary to reduce the volume of the frequencies from 2 kHz to 6 kHz (especially in your case 4 kHz). Also, if the frequency needed for the mix, you can use dynamic Eq (Anyone respectively if he can handle the situation.

The disadvantage number 2:
In our time, there is a ruthless battle for the volume of the mix. (Because if you listen to two tracks of the same type is the one that will be loudest sound better) also as it is important to create volume in the mix. Use this technique only without fanaticism.

I wish you to achieve new heights!:sunglasses:

Thanks for your inputs!
SmartSounds: No offence taken, I need constructive crits like this. :slight_smile: Good ideas about how to soften it up, I try that later. About disadvantage 2, did you mean I should avoid some of the softer parts or make it more dynamic?