Hard Reject! Need feedback please!

Since I had only 1 hard rejection a long time ago, I knew this day would come. Got my second one :grin:
Now my thoughts are the downfilter in the middle could be the reason!? Please help me with your oppinions!


Hi @FOXYAudio

I had a listen and in my opinion, balance is not the best but its also not the worst I have heard, just could be a little better, the kick is quite harsh meaning it could probably be turned down a little in the mix and its a bit on the bass heavy side. I think there is also quite a lot of random noises/runs here and there that kind makes the track sound a bit unorganized. The downfilter in the middle would definitely be the biggest reason though, I dont think its good to do stuff like this on Audiojungle, but its just an opinion.

Hope this helps and best of luck with future submissions! :slight_smile:

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Hello @AaronWildeMusic, thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile: