Hard Reject - Need feedback for OpenCart


I have submit my opencart theme but hard rejection after few days.

so i need feedback about my theme so i will take care in next theme.


+You have visual hierarchy problems
+There’s no contrast between the heading and the background in the section below top product
+some pages says “There are no products to list in this category.” you could at least added product for show as not to leave the page empty.
+there might be a issue in the code (i don’t know, i can’t speak for that)
+bad use of negative/white space.
+finally And most importantly, your Design is good but not outstanding, there are way too many of this kind of themes and i think that’s why reviewers are harsh on this typical kind of design.

i think if you just pulled up something Little bit more creative or new/trendy you might’ve made the cut.

you’ll make it eventually. (btw i like your logo).

Good luck

Hi SlieoBaghouri,

Thanks for your help i will check each and every point what ever you mention.

We will changes according and try to submit again.


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careful, you can’t resubmit hard-rejected items unless you made massive changes on the item otherwise you’ll get banned.