Hard reject - need advice

Hello, I really need advice.
Here is the track:

I don’t understand what exactly I need to work on more: arrangement, mixing, mastering, timbres? Please tell me.

На самом деле класная музыка. Но есть ощущение недопила. Первое впечатление от первого прослушивания. Будто инструменты играют с некоректной задержкой относительно друг друга. как то не вместе. хотелось как то что то сдвинуть может плагин какой повесил который задержку даёт или библа контактовская или друга подтормаживает у них это бывает. фризь и смотри аудио по сетки или нет. В некоторых местах у меня на телике подхриповало возможно клипануло при мастеренге. на мониках не слушал. Слушаю на говне если там звучит значит всё норм. нет ощущения полной целосности от трэка. скрипки и пиано класс но к драмки на мой вкус притензии. Трэк зачёт недопилено чуток. Жаль что энвато не дает фидбэк самому бы пригодился. Вообще когда долго пилиш трэк перестаеш его слышать непредвзято. Последний выложил, долго пилил. Отклонили. Сам через неделю послуша. Впринцепи справедливо. )))

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спасибо )

Hi! The reject is quite justified. The reason is the sound quality, in more detail - the frequency balance (there are a lot of low frequencies, there are few high frequencies). The space. Instruments are scattered and a phantom center is not created because of this. In general, I allowed myself to correct this track, here is a link to my result Hope_Edit.wav - Google Drive . And please communicate in English here, for russian is separate section.

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It sounds like it is unmastered, and the arrangement could use some work. Did you put a limiter on the master channel to bring up the overall loudness? Get a loudness meter that measures the LUFS. It depends on the genre of music, orchestral can usually be mastered quieter, but you still want to aim for at least -14 LUFS. I usually go for about -8 LUFS for my corporate music.

I also think it could be much shorter. Try shortening the arrangement, and work on mixing it better, as well as the mastering like I said. Hope that helps.

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Hi, thanks a lot for the advice and the example. I’l try

Thank you very much for your advice, I will try.

One of your percussion elements sounds like a click track popping, It is significantly louder than the other percussion elements, it needs to be leveled or changed to a more pleasing sound. The writing and performance sound amazing! I also agree with the previous mastering and frequency suggestions.

Thank you so much for your feedback and advice