Hard reject - need advice... Please !



Here is another hard reject ! I really need your advices for this two projects. I’m puzzled. Thanks.



I like it, is very good video :slight_smile:


I think it is good… its just that your particles are off… either eliminate them … or just add light flares (lens whacking)
Unfortunate that the reviewers couldn’t have at least told you that.


Thanks moveNshake for your reply. It’s the first time i work with particles. I’m sorry to bother you but can you precise what make the particle “off” ? Best regards from France.


moveNshake means that particles should blend with the footage much nicely. Now, they look like they are off the footage.
I have a similar feeling, those particles disturb me. Either take the out or try to blend them somehow.


Thanks guy. I will try to improve the way i blend. I feel sorry that i haven’t got any second chance with a soft reject.