Hard Reject - Mockup Why?

Hello everyone!

Today they have Hard Rejected my product

I need help to Understand why it has been rejected and do better next time.

Thank you.

Some of the laptop proportions and views seem distorted and uneven - in several the trackpad area feels to extended and bigger than the keyboard and the angle/width of these elements as they go back towards the screen feel to angled and tapered

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Thank you!

This is not the first time when I use cinema4D but the next time I’ll ask someone this distorted view thing, I don’t see it but thanks your reply.

hi, i personally think that in some cases, u have small shadow issues and otherwise i think that the choice when it comes to tables is not the best that u could have made, see for instance with the first preview, it looks not really homogenous with the style of the picture, u are very likely to believe that the thing that the table is made of is not sort of a marble, when u use this

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Thanks your feedback!!! I’m really appreciate it :wink:

u are welcome :wink: