Hard Reject Logo


my logo design was rejected and i dont know why. Here’s a logo:
link : http://i.imgur.com/qrKKFZl.png

Hi D1ss3l1n,

I saw your logo and really don’t know what is the reason. I have the same problem - today they hard rejected my second logo but I can’t upload it here because I am a new user…

I think that many users have the same problem - but my personal opinion is that the fact that few people think some logo is not good enough to be uploaded in the market place, doesn’t mean that nobody won’t want to buy it.

fix the green part of the goggles, the left has less white space to it’s left than the right has to its right hope you see what i mean…thats the only issue i see

TheLoneDev @ Thx ! :slight_smile: