[Hard Reject] Lana News - PSD Template

We have completed our review of “Lana News - PSD Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Previews: https://lana.solutions/lana-news-psd/

These are just a few psd files, the full list is:

  • home_v1.psd, home_v2.psd, home_v3.psd, home_v4.psd

  • single.psd, single_v2.psd, single_v3.psd

  • search.psd

  • author.psd

  • page.psd, 404.psd

So we did a full website design. Can someone give me advise, why this is not an acceptable quality?

I think that is a good beginning but in Envato there are a lot of items with this thematic, so the competition is huge and the evaluation criteria about the originality and creativity are harder.

So, I would do a big change in the design. It’s very plain. It needs more news section designs, banners to highlight news, more home designs, etc.

It’s my opinion. Maybe there are more users that can help you more :wink:

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There are 2 more home designs with a total of 6-7 completely different news sections, just didn’t upload it to my preview website. So I do not think this is a problem, I have seen an accepted design with far fewer different designs and elements.

Missing banners, that’s absolutely true.
Highlighted news are also missing, this can also be important. But maybe the news in the header can be labeled as highlighted news. Other designs also use this solution.

Thank you for your feedback. It was useful to me.

Can I have a question? Do you have any opinion about design style, quality? Suitable for template or too unique? Our designer usually makes custom designs for companies, this was the first “template” attempt.

For me, the design is too simple. Perhaps more colorful, more originality in the sections, highlight more the news, more sections designs differents in the same page, advertising banners, etc.

For me there are many designs that are similar. It lacks more details that make it unique.


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