Hard Reject i need the suggestion

Hard rejected why?




It’s definitely not bad. there are a few aspects that could be improved:

  • I’d add emphasis to the weather link to make it stand out from the rest of the nav

  • there’s quite a lot of top/bottom padding on the 6 blocks on the home page e.g. price, weather, trust and maybe consider adding hover state to add emphasis

  • City slider on home page typography is too bold and inconsistent from the rest of the site e.g. http://www.theme-oxygen.com/envato/travego/preview/services2.html it crops cos too big

  • Try to distinguish last minute deals from the offers at the top

  • nav ia nice esp. mega menu for destinations but make those country icons stand out more and maybe make it not transparent BG

  • Destination page

  • Hotel pages - not a fan of those icons on each one, maybe move these below the image

  • Country tab slider is nice but top/bottom padding is not even and I think you could do more with the tab content

  • Flights list has quite a lot of empty space on each one

hi, for there’s a small issue of alignment, if your general work is very clean in my view, i tend to believe that the strange alignment of block like 2 in a line and i one in the next line is not only a bit strange but that’s ask making the thing look nt as balanced as it should be …

Hi realy thanks for good suggestions but i fix and i have another hard rejection, i dont understand why hard and not soft?

Can i have other suggestions thanks

Other suggestions?

I would begin by changing the logo & the name. It reminds me of trivago…

Ok thanks and…?