Hard reject html template, need help to improve

After 7day my html template was hard reject. here is the link

Can anyone help give me suggestions so that I can really improve and re-submit this template again ?

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It keep loading and loading, nothing else

are you saying site not opening? but in my PC it load perfectly. can you see it again please.

Looks good but i suggest you to make unique template design because reviewer always wanted a new design… :smiley: good luck

can you gave me some suggestions how to improve this design.

Looks pretty nice.
But, still there is nothing unique.

Try to add the very unique special effect or something like that.

can you gave me some idea. Right now I am out of idea. Please :slightly_smiling:

Think about the very unique feature for your item.
Look at Awwwards website, surf the web, go to dribbble, find your inspiration!)

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thanks for your suggestion. I will do some research about it. :slightly_smiling:

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