Hard Reject HTML Component - Can you guys help me? I don't understand why...

Hey guys I have upload this component (https://github.com/Valerioageno/Modern-responsibe-carousel) on HTML template category but it was hard rejected…

Is may because is only a component and the platform want only entirely page…? I don’t understand why

Thank you very much!

100% this is not enough for HTML on themeforest.

If anywhere it would need to go on CodeCanyon but even then it would need more to it like other layouts, options etc

Which is the minimum requirement in your opinion? An entire layout page? Thanks

For CodeCanyon it’s less about the number of pages and more about the versatility or the particular element e.g the carousel

You need multiple layouts eg with 2,3,4 items, vertical .v. Horizontal, media options eg mixed media, video or posts, etc

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