[Hard Reject] How to improve Xhunt theme?


Could you help me with feedback why it’s hard rejected? My theme page with with describe is here:


Xhunt - The only such unique template on market you have ever seen. Best for any kind of listing page. Theme build for startups, community and people. For private and public community. Powerful and easy to use Theme Options help you with build unique web page.

What should i improve? Maybe it’s rejected because there is no blog page or landing page? Anything else?

There is no any problem with Theme Check + ThemeForest-Check when i did tests:

Running 24249 tests against Xhunt using Guidelines Version: 20151211 Plugin revision: 1

Xhunt passed the tests Now your theme has passed the basic tests you need to check it properly using the test data before you upload to the WordPress Themes Directory.

Make sure to review the guidelines at Theme Review before uploading a Theme.

I can’t see your demos. The links don’t work

You can see how it works in TRY TEMPLATES section. Demos aren’t online at the moment.