[Hard Reject] How to improve my template?

My Template had recently been HARD Rejected with the following message:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

Could anyone point out the things I am missing or doing wrong, so I could improve it? Sorry I am really new to envato and selling field.

Link to Demo: SciFi

maybe your wrong w3c Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 you need fix it and correct w3c I think that approvech you themes but not sure regards.

If that was the only problem, then I don’t think they would hard reject it. They would have soft rejected it, and would have asked me to resubmit it :disappointed:

  • spacing on the countdown needs work (esp alignment of left column

  • mobile issues with the nav automatically being visible and blocking the rest of the page

  • the design feels a bit outdated and there is not too much stand out uniqueness to the concept.

This is such a crowded category that you really need to bring something uniquely creative and also because there is less code, design etc. to base the premium value on there is zero room for any errors or weak spots

Thanks a lot @charlie4282. So even though I correct the first two issues, its pointless as my design still looks outdated (Took me almost 2 months to complete :frowning: ). I will try designing something unique (though the current design was unique) next time.

It’s not that there is much wrong with it - just that there is nothing that could not be found in hundreds of other files already for sale here.

It is a huge mis-conception that coming soon, email, 404 etc files are easier to create because they are smaller, simpler and less to them.

In actual fact they are in some cases harder to get approved because there is less for the reviewers to base their descision on meaning that it had to be flawless in every sense.

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