[Hard Reject] How to improve my design quality

I uploaded my new template and I got Hard Reject for design quality.

Here is the demo: http://scrils.com/demos/Yeezy/

Can you help me to make improvements and show me where I was wrong in my design?
I’m waiting for your opinions. Thank you!

if the general thing is not bad, i think that u need to improve the typo and spacing in some parts of the design and otherwise that the diverging alignments are not making the whole thing look really good and that u really need to fix just that , but there are some good things about your template, u just need a bit more work

it’s typography, content test is hard to read

Thank you for feedback! I will be careful with typo and spacing. What do you think about colorful header, can be a reason of reject?

Yes, there are typo problems but it can’t be just that. Thank you for feedback!

only problem in typo and color Chooising

Should I keep the colorful header but with other colors or remove the effect?

In opera browser, your item has infinite footer.

I don’t really think that the colorful header should be a problem but as others said, carefully choose the color schemes as that is what will make your template stand out.

Overall this looks good.

Good Luck :smile:

Loading superfast! :blush: Good luck on fixing issues - for me it’d have to be typos, lack of premium features/bells and whistles, grid loading animations, hover animations etc.

Thank you for reply! I will keep the colorful header and change color scheme

I wasn’t sure abour hover animations, now I try to find something better. Thanks for feedback!

my feedback is : too much flashy color changing and the spacing between the portfolio items should not be that big.
Try choose other picture to make the template more likeable.
the template is great but still needs just a little bit of attention.

good luck