Hard Reject - hoping for feedback and help

Hi All, very new author here. any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to figure out how to do this and I know there is so much for me to learn. This submission was for logos and idents, and its just a very simple acoustic finger style guitar. My thoughts is that it would be used for transitions or tags in a podcast or something of that nature. all feedback is appreciated. eager to learn from all your experience.

Calming Finger Style Acoustic Logo


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Hi CubeSpaceSounds,

Beautifully played! However the white noise level is quite high. Maybe too high for the reviewer.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Thanks for your kind words and insight. since this is a hard reject, does that mean that even if I was to clean up or record again, and lower/eliminate the white noise i would not be able to upload again? is the whole musical idea rejected? would uploading with a new title as a new project be acceptable? should I consider a wider stereo field?

Thanks again.

Nice chords there. I’m quite new to this myself, but on a technical level if I may suggest in addition to the white noise I can hear some clicking and movement noise underneath some of the held chords. This sort of thing is hard to avoid when recording quiet instruments, but for stock music I’d try to keep things as clean as you can. Also the tuning of the second held chord is a little out and try to keep fret noise under control so as not to be distracting.

Regarding reuploading, I think the track has to be significantly changed before it will be considered again, perhaps someone else knows more on how that is determined.

Thanks, It was originally recorded quickly for a friend and I figured i’d submit to AudioJungle, knowing those noises could be a problem. I guess I just figured that a soft rejection would come with notes saying something like, ‘record that again, but make sure those noises aren’t present.’

Maybe that’s an unreasonable expectation.

I would add some small other elements here and there, you know something very subtle to help it along. This will give the piece more status as an actual Ident or logo. Now it’s a recording of you playing guitar.
In its current shape it sounds more like a VST or sample pack and that’s not really what the category “idents” is about.

Also if you already expect a soft reject, why not make the proper corrections first? We all have to work to make sure the review cue keeps as short as possible. I think that unless you feel 100% confident an item will be accepted you shouldn’t upload it.

Just my thoughts.


There is indeed a significant amount of recording background noise. Maybe some denoiser will be able to clean it up just a bit, in order to make it more viable for commercial presentation. I’d suggest Klevgrand Brusfri. Is the cheapest and it’s doing an amazing job. Somehow better than some other more expensive alternative like Izotope RX. I own them both and Brusfri is always my first choice. You will need to analyze a short noise snippet on its own. If you do not have the original non-edited recording, there is a spot on your demo at 0:45 which is enough for Brusfri to analyze it, then to apply it to your recording. A very subtle reverb ( Plate or Room ) will help. Personally, I do not find any need for additional tracks, but maybe some edits with some subtle additions could help,

Thanks for the recommendations. I was looking at RX, but excited to check out Brusfri. do you think it would be a good idea to post a potential submission to the forums for review before risking a hard rejection? especially when still learning about expectations or production/stock music? I really do appreciate all the goodwill here.

Ah, ok. I thought that adding another element would go against the style of the tracks, but maybe something I should think harder on and explore.


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Hello everyone
I will express my opinion. There are 6 separate phrases that are not related to each other and the gap between them is too large. I would recommend 3 options. 1 - make the distance between phrases the same as between chords - it would be listened to as one whole piece. 2 - split phrases into separate works (1+2 phrase = 1st logo, 3 phrases =2nd logo, 4+5+6 phrase = 3rd logo). 3 - leave everything as it is now, but insert (carefully fill in the gaps between phrases) with another instrument (for example, the same guitar plays individual notes of the scale). Sorry for my English.
Good luck!