Hard reject help please

We receive a lot of business/corporate capability-themed animations and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects. Because there is so much competition in this genre, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution. Unfortunately, this project does not meet our high standards for this kind of style
here is the video

Please help

You should show your rejected item if you want someone to help you

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Ok i will do that

Animation is too rough. And the abundance of rough graphic elements push photos into the background. I mean, all these elements take all the attention to themselves. Your design should complement your clients’ photos, not the other way around. Buying your project, customers want to show their viewers their photos, not your design. In this type of slideshow, design elements should be elegant, invisible, smooth …
Photos and text blocks take up less than half of the screen area. Everything else is oversaturated with absolutely unnecessary design elements.
Also all the scenes are too similar.
The pulsating underlay under the words “Buy Now” looks bad. The words “Buy now” are cramped there


Thank you for your good advice
And I benefited a lot from it

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