Hard reject! Help me!

Tell me please, whats wrong with this track?

I don’t know what is the main cause of rejection… I really liked your track… until 1:27, when I have had a sudden fright because of drums intensity and cymbals… maybe I’m a little bit nervous .,. but in this time this sudden change of drums … maybe this could be a reason of rejection… it seems a little bit abrupt.
Maybe other guys can say different opinions…
I liked your track.
good luck!

Thank you. Maybe I should change it a bit and try again…

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Hi, in my oppinion the arrangement is the reason. In fact, the main part of the track starts first at 1:27… Until then it sounds like a long intro. You should come to the point within the first 20 - 40 seconds for stockmusic, not that easy sometimes I know by myself🤗

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Thank you. I will take note