Hard reject. Help me understand, please!!

Hi, everyone. Tell me what is the reason for the reject. I can not understand my mistakes.
Thanks for your help!

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

After some consideration it has been decided that this submission does not meet our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Probably too much reverb on the piano.
Almost no reverb on the strings.
The piano is not very dynamic. All notes are the same volume.
A better piano sample library would make this sound better.
Piano is a bit loud.

Hope that helps!


I’ll try to explain… Starting to play piano, playing your size. before vstupaet party violins 1 - 2 (approx) stroke of the piano should prepare the listener to the introduction of the new tool when it begins to play the violin, the piano has becomes quieter (need to set by ear). then when it begins to play the cowbell, Arp piano not to play. piano chords to play. and then re-add the Arp piano. and you are all in a pile , and at the same time on the same volume. there are no speakers. view video tutorials on YouTube. I hope the meaning is clear. Good luck.

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Thanks a lot, guys!
If anyone else has an opinion, I will listen with pleasure.

Hey. I listened to your track and one thing i notice is that it goes round and round in the same chord progression. I am lacking some variation, a new section taking the piece in a new direction. Craving for you to surprise me. I agree with what some of the others say about reverb and stuff like that, but maybe thinking about how you structure the music, and making sure there’s an A and a B section, a break or something like that will make a positive difference and help you get it accepted. My two cents. Hope it’s helpful.