Hard Reject for over saturation in market. What do you think?

Hi everyone,

I recently submitted this motion graphics project:

The video shows about half the effects used, the rest where to be in the item description.

This was my feedback given by Envato:
Our Review team also provided these comments:
Thanks for submitting your item. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve the file due to marketplace saturation of animations similar to this one.

To create the project I researched christmas adverts and other relevant material to get a good feel of what effects give footage a ‘christmas feel’. From that I found that soft and gentle movements with texture and depth created this effect so this is what I aimed to create.

I admit there are plenty of other bokeh, lightleaks and transitions created for the marketplace but I noticed that none were specifically designed for christmas so I thought I had found a niche. I have had rejects in the past and have been understanding to as why but I was a bit surprised with this one to be honest.

Any opinion, either on market saturation or quality would be appreciated as I would be interested in what everyone else thinks?

Thank you

Hi, looks good to me :sunglasses:

I don’t know enough about VH to say anything about market saturation. It would be interesting to know if any AJ items have been rejected for the same reason. There is some considerable saturation going on there IMO.

I wonder how the thinking in general goes, if they would accept an item in a saturated genre that really stands out.

Love those transitions! It’s a great pack, there would definitely be people interested in it. I’m not so familiar exclusively with motion graphics category,so i don’t know what to say about this “oversaturation”. The required quality is definitely present though, maybe if a reveiwer sees this thread he/she can give you some input.

Also it seems a bit counter-productive to not include half the effects used in the preview video isn’t it ?

Hey Stockwaves, thanks for your replay and compliment. I don’t know much about it myself as I’ve not experienced it before, an interesting point you made there though. I suppose if your going to do something the reviewers feel is similar it better be pretty damn good.

Thanks Voxyde, want to buy them? Only playing, jokes are hard to make on forums. I did my research on this project and I didn’t come across transitions that were the same as them, particularly not in a pack with other assets all focused around Christmas. This is my first time submitting to the motion graphics category myself. I don’t know if it would have performed differently if sold as an AE project, most of the assets are created in AE so there is no reason why it couldn’t be.

You may have a point with half the effects in the video. I wanted to keep the promo video entertaining as well as informative, demonstrating how the clips could work and keep the viewer interested rather than just play clip after clip. In future I think I will have all the stock effects playing one after the other at the end of the video so people could see them all in action. Im really gutted that this one didn’t make the cut, as I could updated the promo video with your suggestion. Maybe I could resubmit the file as an AE project if that is allowed?

Try to add Color Controls, intensity controls, mb something more and try to upload it as AE project.

There a lot of sites other than VH , why not sells elswhere if the reason was over satruated marketplace?

I think that you should separate snowflakes transitions from the rest staff in this item. There are many many Bokehs and Light Leaks in this market, but Your Transitions are very original and nice.

If items were rejected on AJ because of marketplace saturation, the marketplace would look a lot different I think.

Thanks for the advice DREAMYARD, I think I might give it a go so long as I find the time.

Thanks for your comment soundgrindmedia. Overall I like what envato has to offer it’s authors so it’s not something i’ve considered before. Is it a method you use yourself?

Thanks for the tip and kind words maxkelsta. I am hesitant to ditch the other assets as it was designed as a pack, though these seem to be the effect people prefer so maybe they could stand on there own.

Yes i do, if i find one of my track not get any sales within a month or two / rejected for unclear reason i move it to another sites, but you must delete the old one in Envato and upload it to another sites so you can get the full benefit of being “exclusive” and didn’t get any trouble in the future. You can’t relay on one place this days.

Indeed, more sales for those who upload stellar stuff. In theory there are two ways to achieve this, one is only accepting tracks that are subjectively sounding better than the current bestseller in the genre, another is deleting one old/poorly selling track for every new track that gets accepted.

Thank you for the advice. I’ll keep this in mind in future. It’s interesting to see how other authors go about doing business. As of yet I’ve never come across a load of information to aid you in becoming successful in online creative selling, I imagine there is stuff out there either online or in books, it’s an attractive way of making money.

Try uploading only the transition.

Your welcome sir, I always wanted to make an After effect template but i’m still learn to use it properly, maybe next year. Good luck with sales you are a talented person :wink:

Thank you, those are lovely words. I know this is a thread on how my file got rejected but if you ever need a bit of advice on creating AE templates in the future just drop me a line.

Thanks for the tip DigitalFeather.

Hi, PinkLemondade.

I also got a rejection based on over saturation for lights even though my product was completely different then whats currently on the market. I packed mine as opposed to individually. Seems frustrating, because in one hand its understandable that their could be an over saturation, but in another hand each product is unique and just 3 days ago a bokeh like was “approved” so saturation seems to be almost based on the dip stick analogy. Today things seem like they low will allow some in and the rest get rejected, I don’t know. Frustrating though.