Hard reject for my theme

Hello. The other day, my template was hard rejected. :frowning:

I’m at a loss why it was done. Can not understand, I break some rights ? or is it because of the design ?
Or is it because I have a word in the logo WordPress ? I do not know what changes to make.

Who can help and say what’s wrong with my template?

Demo are here: http://tany.seoanatomy.com

Design is too basic and needs some improvements
Overall typography and elements need to be improved too
"Language" dropdown seems broken http://imgur.com/5bfedzB
Contrast is low http://imgur.com/GBHv915 try adding some darker background or text-shadow
http://imgur.com/y32BsXD - This section is too basic, try to pick a different body font, and not a such a thin font for headings

However, I like some of the concepts in your theme (eg: footer, single post)
Good luck !

Thank you so much.
You helped me a lot.