Hard reject for my theme i need Help

Hello, my template was hard rejected And i Don’t understand
I’m at a loss why it was done. Can not understand.

Who can help and say what’s wrong with my template?

Demo are here : https://goo.gl/to4jYD

With respect, you are way off.

  • Phone images are stretched

  • basic design fundamentals like typography, consistency and spacing all need a lot of work

  • this app concept is very over done and to get approved in this category you have 1to bring flawless design and originality to the concept

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Hi there

  1. Change Lobster font-family
  2. Slider images are stretched
  3. In1920 resolution you website elements are not properly
  4. text are not Readability
  5. w3 html validator get 3 error
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hi @joker_themes the gradient colors need more work , there’s no readability in your text (change the font weight) or change the typeface, good luck :slight_smile:

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