Hard Reject For my Cars Marketplace Laravel Project

Hello, after 3 months of hard work on my laravel project related to a Cars Marketplace to sell & buy cars, it contains a lot of features such as (social login, paypal integrated, algolia search integrated, googla adsense places …) Yesterday I submitted it on Codecanyon and get a hard reject directly !

I think that my project does not deserve that!

Please give me your opinions !

This is DEMO to FRONT END : https://laracars.tamit.net/

This is DEMO to ADMIN PANEL: https://laracars.tamit.net/admin/login
**email : demo@admin.com
**password : 123456

Thank You!

Tips before submitting your product into Envato Market:

  • Your product idea should be Unique ! And if not unique think what features you can add that you can beat the available product(s) in the Market ?

  • There should be no inline CSS, JavaScript and empty functions

  • No encrypted code is allowed, so make sure you have no encrypted code

  • Organized Structure of your project folders

  • Code should be according to standards, by standard i mean that use the code which is consider good practice in your field.

  • Give proper credits to the packages / libraries / images you use in your project

  • Design should be simple and creative. Don’t use colors which doesn’t make sense, follow the trend.

  • Move all the business logic to your Controllers

  • For WordPress Users move all functions to functions.php and even if there is some if else statements or variables in header.php move that to functions.php and call the function back in header.php, it is consider friendly when using child themes.

  • There should be no security vulnerabilities, i will suggest to double check all security vulnerabilities and routes protections in your project

  • Don’t copy and clone designs and codes

  • Documentation should be easy as eating piece of cake. Consider your buyers non-technical. In simple words create some screen-casts for using and installing your product.

Design is enough for hard reject.