Hard Reject, Feedback?

Hi guys,

This my track that has got hard rejected https://soundcloud.com/sam-gartland-mullin/inspiring-corporate

Any critique you guys have I’d love.

Cheers in advance!

Great music! I like it.

Bad sound of the main melody.
Intro-0:25 does not sound good.

Melodies in " Aj " not like.

I think the overall idea is great, but the main melody could be improved. Maybe adding more layers to it.

Nice track :slight_smile:

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The melody and the sound that play it are not so good imho

This type of music could be simple but not boring. Must be high level produced but not middle level. Listen, listen and listen a great works of this type of music in AJ, and learn how to produce a high level music in this category. Because this category is very competitive: a hundreds of tracks every day. Of course a reviewers must be very and very demanding to the quality of this type of music. Good luck.