Hard Reject Feedback!

my script website:


would someone make a review, and why its rejected?

(Psst… pro-tip: this is probably not a good idea to put on a live demo):


this is not for live demo this is build-in function (i created it with the whole script)

Interesting. Can you explain what the purpose of your script is? Is there a demand for this type of item? From what I see, I don’t think this is the type of item CodeCanyon is looking for.

its script built using Nodejs (javascript),
allows you to send to someone text without letting him know you (secret notes)
like the site http://sayat.me or https://www.sarahah.com

Is there an interface for writing text in a campaign then? When I created a campaign and tried to go to its URL, I got a Bad Request error from CF.

wait i want to check that!, its maybe an error because of cloudflare

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try now i fixed the error!

Now this comes up no matter what I enter. :stuck_out_tongue:





i fixed it

First time see this error,
i tested the script in localhost and in live demo and every thing worked Normally