Hard Reject, Feedback Really Needed!

Hi everybody,

Here is my latest reject, to be honest I was feeling pretty good about this one, not sure why it wasn’t good enough.


Your thoughts?


Hello, my English level is poor so I am using google translate to help me write.
I listened to his track and I liked it.
I am not a specialist in this type of tracks, but in my humble opinion I see the following things:
The delay (of the Ping pong type) is too present at the beginning of the track. I would greatly reduce the effect and leave it more subtle. Also, being an effect that comes and goes (ping pong) use it for a long time can cause unwanted effects on the listener.
On the other hand, I can not analyze it so deeply since I’m not in my studio. But, I hear the track somewhat low (low RMS levels) with respect to other tracks of the same genre.
I recommend comparing your track with some other tracks already approved by AJ. Also, I recommend the use of a plugin to measure RMS to help in the task. Also, some other plugin for the “Tonal Balance” type to compare the balance of your track with that of other approved tracks (always of similar styles).
There are very good producers in AudioJungle that make tracks in the style of theirs. I think they will know how to help you better.
I hope my words are of some use.


Overall a very nice sound!

I can’t be sure but is there something happening with the tempo at the break when the snaps come in? Seems like the tempo is rushing a bit there with the snaps. Also I’d add some muted rhythm guitar plucks or something to establish the tonic during the second half of the break. There might be some balance issues in the main section, and possibly the ping pong delay is a bit much as the other poster said, but my guess is its the break.