Hard Reject, feedback appreciated!

Hey, my item just got hard rejected and I would apreciate some feedback on the design!
For context, the item is a SaaS Landing page for A Team Collaboration Tool and it is made as a Figma UI template.

It includes 14 pages with Light and Dark variations and the design system is based on components and variants.
A List of the pages :
LandingPage, FAQ, Contact Us, Blog, SingleBlogPost, Documentation_Main, Documentation_Single_Article, Documentation_List, Sign In, Sign Up, 404, Careers01, Careers02, Pricing

Some Screenshots :

All feedback is appreciated and thank you in advance for the time you will put in on this!

I just want to understant how I can improve my products in the future.

If you need more information I am happy to provide it.

I like the direction and niche of the template you have created.

I am not sure if they want to see a more unique design though.

Hope you get more feedback from other people.

Best of luck.

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