Hard reject because of wrong mp3 bit rate

I had a hard reject on submission because by mistake I wrongly encoded the mp3 with a different bit rate than the required one (it was at 192kbps instead of 320kbps). My mistake was because doing various projects, I changed the encoding rate on my mp3 converter and while producing something for AudioJungle, I forgot to reset it.

Shouldn’t I have a chance to resubmit with the proper encoding? Is it the right policy to hard reject on this basis without considering that the music has value, but it was a technical – and easy to solve – mistake?

The reviewer says “Please bounce/export your audio again making sure your file is in the correct format as per our requirements”, but at the top of the message it says “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Sounds like a mistake to me. Go ahead and resubmit, you can write them that you fixed the issue as per their request. It should be good.

If for whatever reason your item was indeed hard rejected, they won’t penalize you for resubmitting as their instructions were misleading.

it’s a control+c control+v thing, just resubmit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the suggestion. I have submitted again with the proper bit rate.