HARD REJECT - automatic after 1 Week? Busy team?

After 7 days, all my uploaded Flyers were rejected. This was done without giving a reason. And the mail arreives at the exact same time when I uploaded the flyer in the system.

Therefore, I suspect that they were automatically rejected. Is the team too busy? What is the reason?
And no - the items i want to upload are NOT bad quality - they are in the same quality as the other ones.

Don’t understand, you say “after 7 days”. How can it be an automatic message then?

Eg. uploaded it on monday, 10.30 h - exactly 7 days later, a (automatic) reject came at the same time (10.30 h).
This already happend the third times.

Nothing new there, @anon59174560, l sent in a couple of flyers all at once, and some were rejected and some got through; but the message arrived at the same time.

Envato is obviously trying to save some time, by giving a one off message instead of several!


at this time, the waiting time is 7 days … maybe a reason lol

They just seen that Your login has 7 uploads and check them at once … not first time also - especially on PhotoDune - but there I get always accepted and when I next and next time mad about reject in wordpress I delete all photos and want to close account but after some pills voltage decreases and do not delete account :stuck_out_tongue:

getting mad is of no use anyway whether this is not working enough or working zwell i personally recommend not closing an account , this is not useful u never know … even a small gain is still a gain and better than nothing anyway, plus thinking of this way as a way to protest against something is not suitable , this is just an additional way to get hurt if u ask me

I think you might have a problem uploading. Try opening a ticket and contact the support team. If you are recieving an automatic respons as soon as you click the upload button, it might be a server issue or smth like that. Contact the support team

he is supposing this is automatically rejected … not that sure but anyway opening a ticket might be a good thing to do to check

I changed to https://sellfy.com/mxbr/recommends/ - less few (5%), big community, NO long check and unnecessary rejects.