Hard Reject - Ask for some feedback for small plugin (helps with fixed headers)



Hi guys,

i am new to the envato universe. This morning i got my first small plugin hard rejected and i am a little bit confused, how to improve the plugin itself. The plugin itself is about the problem, that a sticky header (e.g. a menu, cookie banner, …) overlaps the target (HTML content) of an anchor. For everybody, who is not familiar with that: an anchor is a link and let you jump to another part of the same site without reloading.

That plugin uses a little bit of jQuery and provides a small user input field in the backend. Thats it. Sure, its tiny, but i already have someone who wants to use it in production, so i consider it helpful.

Any thoughts? Should i provide a demo, even if it does not show you that much?

Thanks in advance and kinda regards


I ended up providing that plugin as a free download here for a while to see, if anyone is interested in this. So far after 12 days i got 47 downloads. It would be great, if you could give me a hint, why that small helper might be hard rejected.

Kinda regards