hard reject any feedback?

Don’t hold back.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Cheers in Advance


Nice idea but…

  1. “Hey” sound for some reason louder on the left channel!?
  2. Guitar harmonics from 2:10 also sound only on the left channel. The last two notes (D) seems out of place (in 2:26). In addition, the lead line is playing in the same octave at this very moment, and I don’t think this is a good combination.
  3. The “underwater” effect from 2:33 seems to me superfluous.
  4. The track is too repeatable for 3 minutes. I think 2 minutes would be enough.
  5. The bass pattern could be made more diverse…

Not necessarily this is the reason of the rejection! This is just my opinion.

Good luck!

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track is perfect, rearange drums, punchier mix and thats all. very good job.

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This track is pretty good! Two things that probably didn’t help it:

  • Slightly too long, arrangement could be more compact and “to-the-point”
  • Lacks a defined ending. I’ve noticed a lot of rejected tracks fade out or just stop. Defined ending is really important - if in doubt just land on the tonic!

Well done and better luck for your next submission!

Thank you for all your feedback, submitted this one elsewhere after changes and keeping all your points in mind for next submission.

Just wanna add the best thing that that makes Envato, in my opinion, the best stock website out there is this community forum. It allows authors who aren’t having much luck like myself find out what areas can be improved, massive thank you again!

Great track. I would take out the “hey”, in my opinion it’s the real reason for the rejection.
This track could easily sell thousand of times. Good job.

+1 @Audioland