Hard Reject. Any advice

Hi All.

New to AudioJungle. This track was hard rejected. Can’t quite figure out why as there are other similar tracks on the site and the mix doesn’t sound particularly different and this track has sales elsewhere so bit confused to be honest.

Any advice greatly received.

DavPeMa Music · Suspense Theme


For me, the second chord arpeggio when you go Ab > E > Gb > E, those are the first three notes of E major and it did not feel suspenseful to me at all, actually rather joyful, so that threw me off. The first half of the arpeggio worked well.

Also midway through the track, when you go from brass and keys to the woodwinds, there is no transition at all. You need some sort of cymbal or orchestra crash to help ease the transition between instruments.

Hope this is helpful!


Very helpful thanks and very fast.

Hadn’t really considered needing a transition as I was going along the lines of building it up and then dropping it back almost as a bit of a shock so I’ll have to try it and see. Good comment about the arpeggios also.

On a general note. As I’m very new to audiojungle. Is it usual for people to put tracks up for comment before submitted them?

Thanks again

No problem, glad it was helpful.

re: posting for feedback before submitting, I haven’t personally but mostly everyone here is helpful so I don’t think it’s a problem.