Hard reject, and I can't see why. Really need your help.

Hello everybody. Won’t you please share your thoghts about this little piece of music? It’s been hard rejected and I really can’t see why. I was sure that it was good-sounding and well-composed. Thank you in advance.


This is a well composed and charming piece I think (would fit very well in a click and play adventure game). My guess for rejection is that it´s the sound, especially the strings entering at 0:32 sounds to MIDI. With better sample library and more expression/velocity use it would be a lot better in my opinion. But other authors more experienced in this genre can probably add some feedback :slight_smile: Good luck!

the melody of the violin should have different techniques. I think that the violin music ruined it all…

Thank you very much. I’ll try to keep on improving my skills.

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Thank you very much. Gonna think about it.


I agre with MojoSoundtrackMusic"(would fit very well in a click and play adventure game)"

In my opinion:
1.Sounds quality is too midi.
2. Mix: bass, piano, strings, and bells ( sounds unclearly together)
2. Maybe a form is too complicated intro 30 sec after that another instrument playing main melody
after that new chords progression changing mood.

Good Luck!

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For me this is great but lacks 1-2 things, a bit different and more emotional mix, some sounds have too much 140-250 Hz, like the flute in the begging! but also more throughout the song, and some sounds are too loud and some quiter, while it could be more emotional and in your face this sounds a bit pushed back, some arps like synth-bells sound quite loud and static and play all the time, the mix could be more alive with automation, while a new instrument is introduced the others could become quiter and so on. And lastly some pauses or very short breaks with silence , or muting some sounds, would make much impact, this has too much instruments throughout it has to settle down a bit somewhere, and not just have one monotonous never-ending piece. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Great emotional track with a bit more work could be wonderful! Even without changing any midi or instruments. Invest in some pre calibrated headphones from Sonarworks with headphone reference and the mix part could take care of itself! :slight_smile: Good luck! You have nice skills!