Hard reject, again , WHY ?

hello , friends !
After your comments of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cUf_7Z-CWU
I’ve done some improovments and made this project look better .
Now it looks like that :

But I’ve got another hard reject, why?
Also in the message was " This is a resubmission of a file that was previously hard-rejected for poor quality reasons and does not appear to have any significant improvements." So Could it mean that river even didn’t open the project at all? Because new stuffs were added and improvements were made.

Thanks a lot!

From the youtube video this seems to be a nice product, someone could buy it to promote a videogame brand maybe…
Are you sure that the product is customizable? Can I easily change logos or texts?

If it is possible, I am beginning to seriously doubt about the evaluation criteria of the staff…:sweat:

yes, it is really easy, here is the link for my tutorial and you can see how simple is this :

Did you receive some explainations about the rejection reasons?
In my opinion the Envato’s staff can’t just say “No” without expressing something more specific.


Here is the full message :

"We’ve reviewed your submission…
Hi Roman Boichuk,

Thanks for your submission.

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Platinum Cinematic Logo’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on VideoHive. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

Comments from your Quality team

This is a resubmission of a file that was previously hard-rejected for poor quality reasons and does not appear to have any significant improvements.

IMPORTANT: Resubmitting a hard-rejected item, without making significant changes or improvements, violates our policy and repeated attempts may result in suspension of your authorship privileges.

If you need some help meeting our submission requirements, be sure to take advantage of Envato Tuts+ tutorials, ask for feedback from your helpful community, and check out our support article.

We’d love for you to continue honing your craft and look forward to what you can come up with next time.

Envato Market Team

Still have questions? Check out our Help Center."

Also , how I sad the called this resubmissin without improovments, but how you saw I made them .

The question now is…how is it possible to avoid such accidents?
There should be a previous fase in the approval process to discuss the real efficiency of a product?

Today I have received a reject too. I have seen a lot of bad stuff approved on Envato, it is becoming a bit time wasting this market maybe…

Yes, it’s true.
Seems like eacj revier has his own standarts .

Yeah, I mean it’s pretty much exactly the same as your last submission, just with a selection of different backgrounds. The backgrounds weren’t really the issue the first time around, so if you just fix something that didn’t need fixing, and re-upload… then you’re going to get hard rejected. Likewise, if you make only minimal changes again, and re-upload you might get in trouble… as a hard rejected project has to be significantly different/better to be classed as a ‘new’ upload.

I think the reviewers are looking for more scenes, more dynamic movements within the scenes etc. Anyway, that’s all just my opinions. I could be wrong!

but I don’t understand then where is the issue ? It was the point to make minimal design.

Sure, but there’s minimal and there’s minimal. By adding the background you’ve made it less minimal (in a bad way), but also haven’t really added anything to it. The minimal you’ve got is good, but you need more of it! If that makes sense?

maybe you can suggest me something particular ? What kind of improovments I can make for make it better ?

I’d just go for ‘the usual’. Start close, three different scenes… first looks at the logo up and to the right, next down and to the left, third back to right as the camera zooms out to reveal all the logo. Nothing revolutionary, so maybe you can come up with something better, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that jazz.

My point is that you’ve come up with a nice glossy metal effect that looks good, so you should show it off… get in close, show it from different angles, have a bit of variety etc.

tnx, man ! will think about this way .

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