Hard Reject Again - Big Rant!


Hi Everyone, i’m bemused & extremely frustrated with AJ’s review process, there is sooo much inconsistency, it’s laughable, my latest track has been hard rejected, saying that it doesn’t meet the quality standards, what a load of crap, i’ve spent thousands of pounds on hardware and software, this isn’t a game to me, i am a serious musician, but every track i upload gets rejected, it’s demoralizing, i’m not saying that my work should automatically be approved by any stretch of the imagination, and there are far better tracks on here, but frankly, a lot of the work on here is laughable, and is at best amateurish! how do these songs pass the review process, here’s my latest “rejection” i shared this on the forum before i uploaded it, and everyone said that it would definitely get the green light…
Equipment used is a Motu Track 16 interface - Symphobia & EWQL plug ins
Any feedback would be appreciated, as i am seriously thinking of quitting AJ, it seems impossible, and it’s knocking my confidence massively, i don’t have this problem with Pond5 - Gumroad, or Jamendo, seems Aj have a vendetta against KBullasMusic!


My best guess is the uku is out of tune in some chords. Another thing, try avoid the “mechanical loop feel” to long.


Hi, KBullasMusic!

AJ quality stadarts are higher then at other marketplaces such as pond and other. I know quys who upload rejects to pond/jamendo and this track was approved. That’s why there is no “vendetta against KBullasMusic!” :slight_smile:
Try to create better music and all will be fine :slight_smile:

I listen your track. Your melodies and harmony are cool. Mood of track is also very fine and has AudioJungle feel.
Reject reasons could be:

  1. Long intro (it better to starts drums near 12 sec, track will be more dynamic)
  2. Mix sound not bad, but some details make it bouring (for claps/snare sound and crashes are mechanistic, ect)
  3. End: final hit sound not well (I think main reason of that is mechanistic sound of your crash)

Try to create more live, more dynamic sound and I belive it will be accepted.Good luck!


@atlemusic Hi Atlemusic, thanks for your feedback, the Uke is a plug in, so I hope it isn’t out of tune, or I’ll be wanting my hard earned money back!


@LuckyBlackCat Thank you LuckyBlackCat, really appreciate your feedback! :+1:t2:


Better luck next time mate. People say “Practice makes a man perfect” but i believe “Failures make a man perfect”.


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


On the plus side, it took them less than 7 days to put me out of my misery!