Hard reject after two soft rejects in two templates

I received two Soft rejects

Template 1: http://construction.framework-y.com/
Template 2: http://templates.framework-y.com/elegance/

Soft reject comments are for both two similars:

  1. There are a few inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. I’d like you to go over it with a fine toothed comb and weed out these basic design issues.
  2. Remove custom scroll.
  3. Some of your files contain validation errors that will need to be fixed. Please be sure that all files validate before resubmitting.
  4. Make sure the CSS file is well documented with proper table of content
  5. Templates should not include any !important declarations in the CSS.
  6. Inline CSS is not permitted. Please remove all inline CSS.
  7. Please use “” tags for all navigation in the template.

I fixed all before resubmit but I found some my mistakes:

  1. I not found problem of inconsistent spacing/padding or alignment so I asked more infos to reviewer.
  2. I missing some page(5-6) for validation errors fixing.

After this I get Hard Rejcts in the same time all two emails received in 30sec.

Can you explain me why Hard reject and what mean with of inconsistent spacing/padding or alignment (only for contruction template) ?

Thank you very much,

Really now one can give me his opinion?

When Soft rejects this time must be flow and change all instruction as you send review team comment … may be you don’t change any thing else this cause got hard rejected buddy .

Hmm looking at the templates I can see that you’ve put in a good amount of hard work. The construction theme needs some work, but still I think a soft reject is right. I think you should try submitting again. They never answer with in 30sec it might be an internal glitch. A few improvements here and there and you should be in.

All the best hope to see you soon.

Thank you for the replay, I think can be a my issue due I missed some HTML page for validation and I not fixed responsive problem for medium size devices. Anyway I think play with authors in this way is truly not correct.

Hey there Schiocco,

I changed the status of your items to soft-rejected please go ahead and edit your items in https://themeforest.net/user/your_username/hidden_items and submit your templates for review. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hello Ivor,

Thank you for the unexpected action. I realy appreciate it. I not received any request for fixing bugs or other stuffs on the templates, so I think I must only submit its again for review, I hope I understood correctly.


I un-checked “Notify to author” because I’m replying here. Go to your hidden items, find the soft-rejected items, click edit and submit for review. :wink:

If you have any doubt please reply to this message.

Are the good old days when reviewers used to track and respond on forums back? :flushed: :slight_smile:

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Ok it is clear, I just sent both two templates for review. Thank you for the great support.