Hard reject after soft reject

Hello, dear community.

I uploaded a new item a few weeks ago and it is softly rejected due to the lack of automatic transition to the installation screen as well as the requirements were not clear. After I got the e-mail, I updated the item and solved the problems reported to me, this time it was directly rejected without any explanation. The first rejection came with an explanation that mentioned what the problem was, now there is no explanation so I don’t know what to do. I prepared the documentation and fixed the setup screen issues, also added eliminated soft rejection reasons.




Mail: admin@luceat.solutions

Pass: admin


Mail: harper@luceat.solutions

Pass: demo


Mail: juniper@luceat.solutions

Pass: demo

Share the demo link. and you have receved any email ?

Added demo

Your application there is no quality standard. incomplete design. Also A complete confusion. I can suggest you can spend more time UI concepts and improve quality. you can follow latest uploaded items.

Thanks for your review What do you mean by “incomplete design”? also, can you tell me which points is not passed the quality standard?

You can check this category. Latest uploaded applications.


Well done on this attempt, but for me it is all over the place. The work you have put in is amazing, but it is far too complex, and for first time users less is more. You want it to achieve all these things you have set out to accomplish, but it is in my opinion overwhelming. Key issues I found -

  1. Homepage - Text too small even on a PC desktop;
  2. Homepage - Bullet points on knowledgebase article links could have been better - perhaps arrows?
  3. Articles - allow clients to vote article good, and/or print options would be an idea.
  4. Demo should have been on an SSL https not on unsecured;
  5. Wow - the dashboard is just too confusing - less is more. I’m lost but then I am just looking at it first time.
  6. Articles - no way of using code so that is not great. However when replying to tickets, you can use code view that seems silly.

Thanks for your review I’ll make some changes to UI asap.

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