Hard Reject after making all changes asked in Soft Reject

I’ve had my item soft rejected several times, each time for something else. After making all the requested changes I got hard rejected with the reason “that the item is not at the quality standard required to move forward”.

What is the point of the soft rejections then?

With each soft rejection, I’ve spent countless hours and improved everything that was requested.

For example:

In the last soft rejection, I was requested to replace all images with placeholders.
Replacing all images for a theme that contains 15 demos with multiple pages each, is very time consuming.

Why make somebody labor again and again over something the reviewer don’t like to begin with or doesn’t think is good enough? why ask somebody to change images, improve Javascript and comment files only to reject the item later?

Can anybody share some light on this?

I’d really appreciate any insight you’re willing to share.

Hello, this happened to you as the review process is a step by step process. Each time a reject reason is found, wether it’s hard or soft, the review process is stopped at this point, until the author makes the necessary changes, if relevant.

Generaly the review process starts with the most common things and requirements (e.g if the template has a documentation, if there are placeholders instead of images, is strict mode and correct event handling are used etc…). It seems that when you passed all this, you’ve got rejected at the design review, which is the second major step. Iam affraid your template didn’t go through this one, which explains the quality rejection. The final step I think is the code review once the design is approved, to make sure everything is in place.

I hope it helps you see through this a little bit more. Regards

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it.