Hard rejactd for may project

I’m member ın ENVATO about 3 years ago, and I have about 100 project here
in this 2 month ago I upload 10 project, all this designs have hard rejected with out any clear reason
and this is the last project I uploaded
I ask ?
can any one have a same story tell me whats happening !!!
any one tell me way thıs background ıs rejected!!!

please help me ı need to know way all this project ıs rejected

You spelt “TEXT” wrong. I would actually remove the example text, the backgrounds look great but the text looks quite bad and you don’t really need it. Try to improve the header and footer text on the preview as well.

Thanks for quick answer

Is this reason for hard rejected ???
This simple reason is not worth the hard rejection ,Right
it can be soft rejected in order to fix this error

Yes I would guess it would be soft rejected for those reasons. But all I can say is polish up the preview a bit and submit it again. If you didn’t get any info in the rejection email…

thanks for your help
I will do it

u are right Martin , but what about soft rejecting if only for these matters?

it should in my view , if only for this but honestly , i think that the quality of this time is varying on what we are considering , some elements are better looking than some other, u have the issues of presentation that Martin/Toivo told u about and for me this is slightly lacking contrast so that elements are a bit more outstanding if u wish , but tut’s just how i feel … good luck in any case, never lose your mind and courage, stick to working hard and better times will come your way for sure :wink: