Hard Flyer Rejection

Can anyone suggest me why it is rejected?

hi u have a collection of problems to fix indeed, there is much to do …

1- disconnection
indeed there is a disconnection between some elements, as u did not manage to really mix illustration items and bitmap one, there is no harmony

2- lack of realism
this is a bit resulting from point 1 but not only, but the fact of the mater is that “people cannot buy it” as such, it clearly is not realistic enough so that this looks artificial at this stage, u should opt for making a whole bitmap thing or a whole illustration thing, but not in between in this case …

3- typo
this is a very important part here and standards are high about it and indeed, what u have is far from what they may expect for … the font combinations are not working well and u failed to imbricate the different text and fonts at the moment

4- contrast
once again , this is not a small deal, contrast is one of basic design principles and having some trouble about it , automatically means troubles , period, not to mention that it leads u into further trouble into a snowball effect , see points 5 and 6

5- readability
this is due to the lack of contrast, thus colors not different enough from the background and the lack of decoration - like shadows - so that the thing takes attention to be read , and this is not what people are expecting for, this is the other way around …

6- hierarchy of information
quite frankly u messed with your main title and this is pretty much the reason why your hierarchy is down … when have a look at this flyer, i realize that thing that is popping out the most is live at california, which is clearly a secondary information … obviously this is not connect …

7- repetition
normally this is good, this is one of basic design principles but the thing is that in this case u used it in the wrong way … multiplying bullets is not a good idea, especially when the content inside is dull and not necessarily super well organized and not even bringing anything interesting aesthetic wise or graphic design speaking

8- strange shapes and coherence
i do not know what were your intentions with the blue bullet at the bottom but the thing is of no use whatsoever … especially as this is hard to understand why u use this shape, this makes no sense at all if u ask me… this gets even more when u mix rounded shapes and squared ones, since this is killing harmony

9- finition
u definitely need to bring shadows to the table for realism purposes and so that your item not only looks more credible , better looking and more worked out

10- lack of breathing
indeed , at this stage your item is lacking of white space and breathing and the concentration of elements at the bottom makes it choke even more …

11- as lightly evoke just above, u also have a misbalance between a lighter top part and an absolutely crammed bottom part …

12- spacing
the way the text is arranged is clearly not ok yet , think about spacing when u rework it

13- margins and breathings
the footer texts, it would be welcome if were separating them a bit more from the bottom margin indeed